Whatever is brimming beneath the surface of your addiction will be fully addressed and treated accordingly. Our addiction professionals design customized addiction treatment plans to meet your need and the requirements of your unique situation.

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Designing a treatment plan around you isn’t easy work

but it is by far the most effective method to combat drug addiction.
It takes into account your overall mental health through dual diagnosis treatment. Whether you are suffering from an underlying and contributing mental health disorder or from a past trauma, the root cause of your addiction will be accurately identified and effectively addressed. Your treatment should be created with these intricacies in mind.

We can only make a foolproof treatment plan, however, with total an unbending honesty from you about yourself and your condition. We can’t help you if we don’t know how, and neither can your fellow clients in group therapy. To ensure that you have the best chance of restoring your mental health, kicking your addiction, and starting a life of newfound happiness and sobriety, you will need to be completely open and transparent.

This policy of honesty also contributes to the atmosphere cultivated at our addiction treatment centers. We aim to cultivate an environment of acceptance, mutual respect, and supportive guidance. You will never be judged, but you will be told honestly if someone thinks your behavioral pattern is unhealthy and a trigger of your addiction. You will find this sense of respectful honesty refreshing, as you are probably used to lies and shady connections. Work with us and you will be able to take part in the community that is fostered at American Wellness Centers by interacting with your fellow clients and learning from them and the addiction professionals working with you.
American Wellness Centers also take steps to promote holistic wellness. Addiction alters the brain to seek fabricated pleasure and euphoria from dangerous chemicals found in drugs. While you are at one of our rehabs, you brain will begin the work of relearning how to seek pleasure in natural ways. For example, physical exercise is highly encouraged. Yoga, meditation, and hiking are all extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Your brain will begin to relearn that you need to look for pleasure in these places, not with substances.